Anurin Kongpha

Managing Director




Khun Anurin is the man behind the scenes of the company, and handles all our official documents and legal matter in cooperation with the company lawyer. He is the link between Thai officialdom and is less hands on in the daily running of the business. As such, he is best contacted by email.



 Yves Masure

Operations Director




Two decades in Asia and fluent in Thai, English and Dutch, Yves is the person in charge of all our Asian operations and in his capacity travels all over South, East and Southeast Asia. Besides this, he looks after the website and also has his own site with travel information called Thailex, which is linked both ways with this site.



 Michael Sauer

International Operations




With decades of experience in the world of aviation and traveling all over the globe, Michael is our man that looks after international operations. Fluent in German and English, and  globetrotting all the time, he is a real a cosmopolitan. If lucky, you may be able to reach him on his Thai mobile, otherwise he has email.




Note: Siam Air Global Tours Ltd., holds an operator's license for both inbound and outbound travel. Until recently, this license was provided by the Thai Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), and our TAT license had number 11/5474. However, since the beginning of 2010, this responsibility has been handed over to a new governmental body known as the Agency for Tourism Development and we have received a new license from them, with the new license number 11/06175. Note that some of our old printed matter and parts of our website might still have the former TAT License number on it, as well as the TAT Logo.

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